A new Peace Hill venture

For those of you who are sheep, wool, or knitting enthusiasts…I now have a farm store! If you’ve followed this blog, you know that I’ve been raising Leicester Longwool sheep and [...]

May at Peace Hill

Greetings from the farm, where a combination of spring tasks (pasture management, fruit tree spraying, spring planting, dosing sheep with concentrated garlic juice, things like that) and lots of [...]

Spring is coming…

Here on the farm, spring means fruit tree pruning, sheep shearing, planting, new pasturing…and all sorts of other things. I’ll be posting photos of these activities as they happen. [...]

The oldest and the youngest

January evening on the farm; my daughter and my father are fishing in the farm pond, right before sunset. (My job was to build the fire. I like fire.)

What we did this weekend

Following on our leap into sheep-and-wool-goat raising, we went to our first livestock show this weekend: the Eastern Angora & Mohair Association Fall Show at the Shenandoah Valley Fiber [...]

Dear blog: We need to talk.

In January 2006, I started this blog when the manuscript of the History of the Ancient World went off to my publisher. My hair was shorter, my children were younger, my office was still in a [...]

Water, water

Lightning hit the house this week. The house is fine, although the strike practically knocked my third son off his chair and a flash of blue fire went by the window. Funny thing about a lightning [...]

The full flock

Georgiana and Caroline have arrived to complete the new Leicester Longwool flock. And for a sheeps-eye view of the whole flock, check out my Wandering Sheep video, shot this morning.


This weekend, six of my eight-sheep “starter flock” arrived on the farm. I’ve wanted to raise sheep for YEARS. I researched the breeds; I wanted wool as a priority over meat, [...]