January evening on the farm; my daughter and my father are fishing in the farm pond, right before sunset.


(My job was to build the fire. I like fire.)

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  • John

    Nice fire.

  • Sahamamama

    Did they catch anything?

  • Twigs

    I like the fire, too; and the dog.

  • Sybil

    What a lovely photo. One I’m sure you will treasure always.

  • Dessy Ferdinandus

    Seems like an awesome place to study 🙂

  • Kristen @ TeachingStars

    We’re looking to move out to the country. Nothing huge just a few acres- but images like this REALLY make me antsy to hurry up and get out there! Beautiful!

  • Bruce Barrett

    I am waiting for your third History of the World book. Your first two books were excellent. I look forward to the third!

  • Gail Ledbetter

    Very similar to the view from my front porch! Bonfires (very large ones), contented dogs, and happy kids fishing are a common sight. Oh so peaceful…

  • Heather

    You got the pond done! I’m impressed! Last time I saw it, it was a big hole with equipment!

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