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This may not look festive, but it most certainly is--a 28 pound turkey brining in buttermilk and kosher salt. I did this buttermilk brine last year and it was the BEST turkey we've ever had. I'll take a pic tomorrow when it comes out of the oven!
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6 days ago

This may not look festive, but it most certainly is--a 28 pound turkey brining in buttermilk and kosher salt. I did this buttermilk brine last year and it was the BEST turkey weve ever had. Ill take a pic tomorrow when it comes out of the oven!

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I now have the scene where they bathe Wilbur in buttermilk in my head, from Charlotte's Web.

Ooh! Buttermilk....interesting! I discovered brining 2 years ago and have been making the Pioneer Woman's (its got a few ingredients, and some steps...) but my turkey is bathing in apple juice, orange 🍊 peels and peppercorns in an ice chest on the back porch now! Happy Thanksgiving! I'm trying buttermilk on my next one!

Wow I’ve never heard of that kind of brine. I’m curious what it looks and tastes like.

Our brined turkey was wonderful! We were able to keep it on the deck during the brining process due to the colder temperatures here in Central Virginia. This year, my son is going to cook the turkey in one of those green egg thingies…

I’d be afraid the bag would break and I’d have a right royal mess in the fridge to clean up!

Ever spatchcock a Turkey? If not, I highly recommend.

Do you have to turn it occasionally so the buttermilk coats the entire turkey?

We are just glad to have a turkey this year! Had to settle for just a breast and 2 legs last year.

Brining meat changes the whole game, doesn't it? We do a brine for pork now, and the results are sort of shocking, lol. I wish I'd known this years ago!

Chicken done that way is amazing. See salt fat acid heat.

I've got mine in the same brine! Maybe it was you that I got the recipe from last year? We tried at Christmas last year and it was so good!

OH WOW!!!! I will have to try brining in buttermilk NEXT year! Sounds amazing!

I saw a chef on tv do this with chicken, and it looked amazing.

Samin also uses this method on roasted chicken- also delicious!

I bought the buttermilk, but forgot the brining bag.

Are you still able to get crisp skin?

Biggest turkey we could find this year was 16 lbs. 😔

I'm intrigued! Were you able to get enough drippings to make gravy?

Doing this for the first time! Glad to know it works.

How difficult is it to debone the turkey though. I have enough trouble getting the neck out! Lol

This looks amazing!!

Buttermilk is the best!

Ok, I’m trying a variation of this!

Buttermilk is the answer!!!

Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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My dear husband was going stir crazy after being sentenced to an additional four weeks in his cast, so we decided to go RV camping in the Shenandoah.

It turns out that this was, perhaps, not the optimal outing choice for someone in a cast.

I mean, it did actually meet the goal, which was to get him out of the house. It's just should I put this...when one person is doing all of the fetching and carrying and loading and unloading and hitching and unhitching, it's not *quite* as much of a break as might be thought.

Also, campgrounds are totally unsuitable for knee scooters. I probably could have figured that one out ahead of time.

Anyway, as we count down these final weeks I'd be very grateful for any suggestions to get us through the last bit of immobility. This has been a rough one and we could both use some creative ideas about outings, coping strategies, and anything else you all out there in Facebook land might be able to offer.
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2 weeks ago

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Oh I feel this. I convinced my husband to take our family RV camping in a vintage airstream two weeks after my knee reconstruction. Two days after I convinced him to get us a new puppy. So, 55 year old airstream, two week post op wife in a locking leg brace, two kids, and 8 week old puppy. Simultaneously a disaster and one of the best vacations we’ve ever taken! Basically, husband was willing to do ANYTHING to protect my mental well-being during my physical recovery. Short of getting a horse. That’s what I was asking for next. 😂

Maybe go to DC for a weekend? Mobility issues shouldn’t be bad there. Have you been to the new Museum of the African American yet? Make a bunch of Thanksgiving pies for a local shelter offering a free Thanksgiving meal? He must have good connections. Find a mobility appropriate volunteer opportunity.

When I was in my mid twenties, I broke my ankle, which resulted in surgery for fixation with a metal plate and seven screws, and the recovery time from that was long. I got out a little bit, but mostly I relied on the life of the mind to get me through that time. I went to one concert, but most of my outings were simply to the backyard, either to the hammock or to the camping chair that my husband bought that had a footrest (because my ankle had to be elevated constantly). But mostly I just kept my brain occupied: reading books and collections of artists’ and authors’ letters to each other (Frida Khalo’s words made a particular impression at that time, since she spent so much of her life bedridden), making sketches, watching movies, writing a novel. When I needed to move, I hobbled around the house with crutches or went outside or did my rehab exercises (because after the cast comes the boot and learning how to move and walk again). I’m sure there are more ways to get out or to move, but I found that learning to mindfully accept where I was and finding ways to be content in that space of healing were the best ways through it, for me. And it gave me a different perspective about life and compassion for those who had been through something similar. It felt like a long time when I was going through it, but it was just a season, and now it was so very long ago. I hope that your husband will be feeling better and more mobile soon. You’ll get there.

This is so difficult with the weather getting cooler and potentially not wanting to spend too much time indoors in public spaces due to Covid. Are there any paved bike trails nearby? A daily outing in which he is able to get some physical activity (scooting along on a trail definitely counts!) will almost certainly lift his mood!

Could he use something like this rather than the knee scooter? My daughter had foot surgery during Christmas break, and needed to return to her university campus 1.5 weeks later. It is a hilly campus and hard to navigate, and she scootered herself right off a path and rolled down a hill. (I was terrified she'd damaged something and would have to have the surgery over.) The next day in the grocery store I passed a man walking on a crutch like the one linked below, and he said he was able to continue working and keep doing drywall construction with this little gadget. I got my daughter one, and walking around campus during the rest of her healing period went much more smoothly.

Go up to DC if you haven’t been in a few years. The mall has been refurbished and should be scooter friendly and most of the Smithsonians have been remodeled.

The also endorse the knee crutch. It definitely is not for everybody - but if he can manage it without pain, with some practice, it can be a life changer! I also recommend as much exercise as possible to try to reduce the muscular imbalance that comes with a knee scooter and other compensatory modes of movement. My father was in his 70’s when he went down with three ankle surgeries and many set backs. We got really creative with bands and core strength exercises - a lot of things that can be done on the floor with some help. I think he actually gained strength during the time he was unable to walk because he was so stir crazy, he was “working out” several times a day. I’m happy to share what we were doing with the bands and weights and body weight exercises.

My foot surgery was a long terrible process too. The only place I could go with the knee scooter was to the mall or museum since it had smooth floors and air-conditioned. Summer and cast don’t mix well. Also, if I needed to elevate my foot I could do that on a bench. He’ll be happier when he gets in a boot.

I agree about visiting DC. We live not too far, and I was just in there last week with a couple of my kids to do the National Gallery of Art, the Smithsonian Castle (tiny exhibit), and the Tidal Basin and Potomac. Super easy to get a lot of information and scenery in and all ADA compliant. Tomorrow and Thursday are 60’s and 70’s for high daytime temps and sunshine. And visit out here in famous Loudoun County for the Udvar-Hazy Air & Space Museum and some wineries and breweries!

Hang out with a local potter and make pottery! VMFA also has a nice collection; getting out and just sitting with some pieces, then enjoying their upstairs restaurant is a treat!

Could you park your RV somewhere close to cities with museums or art galleries that you would like to visit? Or places close to bike trails (weather permitting, of course)?

My outings consisted of places that had mobilized carts. So Target and Costco. And lots of drives places. You DO need a change of scenery every once in a while. We bought tickets to go to a concert I wanted to see when I was crutch and cast free so I had something to look forward to. Those doctors just don't tell you everything up front. Once he's out of the cast will he be weight bearing? That was the real kicker for me - I was put in a boot after my cast, but still couldn't put any pressure on it for another month or two.

What about going fishing? The last time I was on the state land out that way, you could drive the ramp down to the dock. You wouldn’t have to carry stuff (or get him) too far.

City life is a bit more knee scooter friendly although I didn't like being on my knee for very long at a time. Those mechanized scooters were heaven as long as someone else could carry the stuff. Can you do museums? Most are handicap accessible. It's not easy. I'll pray for y'all both.

Head to DC, visit the ADA compliant museums, eat at fun restaurants you can’t find locally (I recently had delicious Persian food at Rumi and Georgian food at Supra!) Richmond could also be a good day trip option. And if you’re headed back through Bedford, VA, the D-Day monument there is really well designed and should be pretty scooter friendly.

When the going got tough for me a few years ago, I started keeping a gratitude journal. Right before bed I wrote down one thing I was thankful for that day. It helped me end the day on a positive note. I use an app that automatically allows me to look back on the same date. It is neat to do because now I only remember the good. (I can tell by my terse entry that something else must have happened that day but 75% of the time, I can’t recall it.)

I'm so sorry; it seems like this has been going on for a long time. I broke my foot when the kids were younger and it seemed like being in the cast and the boot and then relearning to walk. Plan a picnic in your yard? Take a blanket to the middle of a field for a day picnic, or lie on it at night and stare at the constellations. Take some crayons and paper into the woods and do leaf or bark rubbings. I don't really know what to suggest; my current coping strategies are to watch all eight seasons of Dr. House MD (he's crude but funny), knitting and other forms of making, and visiting one or two friends per week. Many hugs to both of you.

Message Tim Kaufman aka Fat Man Rants. He just went through a period of confinement (ankle) and would be a big inspiration. He has a Facebook page that’s public. I’m sure he’d be more than willing to share his chair exercise plan. Lol

Airbnb in the outer banks? It’s colder, but it’s a change of scenery and more relaxing for you too. OR wine tasting in Charlottesville as a day trip.

He can come help my husband build a barn...oh wait.

a unique air bnb? airbnb with a pool? driving around to see Christmas lights. drive-through wildlife reserve?

Oh! I have a husband in a boot. No advice, but definitely sympathy!

How about scenic train rides? WV has one throughout the state.

Virtual mini vacations? Order in Thai food and watch a documentary? During that first round of lockdowns, we set a board game goal and it made the days a lot more bearable. The Board Game Geek app was fun to have because we could track our stats.

Plan things you’re looking forward to.

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