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5 hours ago

Camden Market


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Milton Ribeiro for you

Have you ever been to Borough Market?

From across the ocean, reminding my Virginia friends that there's much fun to be had at the farm today!Look--our friends are waiting to welcome you to our corn maze this weekend! Today (Saturday) and tomorrow, 4-8 PM. And from 6-8 PM today, the maze will be haunted by an assortment of strange country denizens (who will NOT scare your children--this is a family-friendly haunting).

Or come early and enjoy a lovely afternoon tea, complete with sandwiches, Virginia ham biscuits, delicious cookies, and even a glass of prosecco to lift your spirits.

18401 The Glebe Lane. Visit our website and click on Farm Events or Afternoon Tea for details!

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3 days ago

From across the ocean, reminding my Virginia friends that theres much fun to be had at the farm today!


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Well be there next weekend! 🍁

We are planning to come next weekend 🤗

Scenes from London.

Tomorrow, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts 1 and 2. ALL DAY.
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3 days ago

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We're moving to the UK in two weeks. We can't wait to see all the sights!

I am loving these posts as I am planning a very similar trip in a couple months! We are seeing Hamilton & Cursed Child as well. King Lear was on the wish list but ends before we arrive. Susan Wise Bauer where did you get the Scotch Eggs?

I took the kids 2 years ago and was much chintzier with the food. We ate those cut sandwiches from Pret a Manger/grocery store practically every meal! 😀

You are having the best London vacation ever!

That story does not exist(picture that said with crossed arms and shaking head snootily). Have fun!!!!

It’s amazing!!!!

Beer and scotch egg... yum

The Tower Hotel

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Dear UK: I love you. I love working here.

Why do you have such wretched, miserable, inadequate, 1950s appliances?


Your American friend

"She said no and he respected that so I don’t know what the issue is."

Please note that this has nothing to do with whether or not the allegations are true.

Graham is saying that EVEN IF a young man forcibly pinned a girl down and groped her, then stopped, there's no problem.

Dear @Delta: We have a dysfunctional relationship. I only tweet at you when something goes wrong. So, to break out of bad patterns, THANK YOU for getting me into LaGuardia nearly forty minutes early yesterday.

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