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I only have four, and I can't even TELL you how many people IN ACADEMIA said to me, "HOW many? HOW?" As if I were raising a barbarian horde large enough to swarm the walls of civilization.

Oh, and the other stuff too. Although I guess my pig-raising pictures aren't really dispelling any stereotypes just now.
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3 days ago

Ed Wiley


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I have five. I get asked if we're "done," and I say, "No. We're not going to win the land war in Asia any other way!"

I have nine kids, and people count. The best time was when I had "only" five some years ago and we were flying to Washington DC to visit grandparents. We boarded a plane in Atlanta and a white-haired man in first class was moving his lips as he counted my husband and I board with our kids. I sent him "the look" and he squirmed in embarrassment. As we got to our seats my husband said, "Did you notice Newt Gingrich in first class?" Yes, Mr. Gingrich moves his lips when he counts,

I loved it the first time a fellow homeschool mama said to me, "oh, you only have four." 😂 Definitely not the typical world reaction!

How about, "Are they all yours?" That one comes up an awful lot. "Yep, even the one I'm nursing!"

I have 3 kids, otherwise known as a homeschool starter pack 😁

Yup, so funny to see people trying to count inside their head as I give the ages of my entourage. "Yes, that makes 6," saving them the trouble. Always people are nice. Mostly they say "I could never do that." My elevator speech is - Children are like goldfish: they expand to fill the environment. One child takes all your time, 2 children take all your time, 3 children .....

I have 2. I'm usually the odd one out at homeschool get togethers. But I get the giggles every time someone asks if we have a farm. Nope, we live in the burbs.

I get some weird comments, too, and I only have 3 boys. When did 3 kids become so astonishing? 😄

Yes! I get asked if I'm bringing my daycare to Costco.

Susan Wise Bauer I was feeling sheepish during the first part. We also have a farm: large garden, dairy cow, etc. 😂 Also four kids. Apparently I'm living up to much of the stereotype.

If anyone says to me shockingly how many kids we have, I just retort that, in my small circle of friends (you know, being homeschoolers and all), I know FOUR families with NINE kids each, and a BOATLOAD of families with five kids or more apiece. That usually shuts them up.

I always said that were weren't a REAL hs family--we didn't have goats! We only raise sheep and cattle.

My response to four is always, “Calm down. It’s less than one hand.” Sometimes it feels like a lot, but it’s not. 😁

Joy Cherrick and Kevin Cherrick

OMG! We drove a 4x4 pick up and not a mini van... wore jeans not dresses - We must not have been 'real'.....

My SIL has nine 🙂 Just doing her part! Average number of kids in a Muslim family is four per wife... So there’s that. Sixteen kids in one family is not uncommon.

I have four. Many people tell me that they're amazed at how well my children can speak to adults and hold conversations. But no farm, just some weird pets.

I had 5 boys... I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if « I was trying for a girl? »

I live in the Bay Area and I have five kids. People here don’t do that often. Then, when I say I homeschool! The other day a mom from my four year old’s preschool came by my house. I was at CC with my 8 year old. She asked our nanny a bunch of intrusive questions about my schedule. I guess she figured because I wasn’t home in the middle of the day I must not be homeschooling for real. She even commented that she doesn’t know how I am really homeschooling because I’m so busy. Little did she know, I was out with my eight-year-old because I was homeschooling at that very moment. People just don’t get it.

A person actually did ask me if I churned my own butter when she found out I homeschooled. I don’t get the connection, but after this video, I see I am not the only one who has been asked this question. Hilarious!

We have four and people often respond, “WOW.”

"But....but...how do you, like, LEARN?" That was a question my 9yo received last week.....from a teacher.

We don’t raise goats or chickens. Just crickets, mealworms and frogs.

This is the BEST!!!

FX Aidan 😂😂😂

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"The house was empty and quiet except for the clicking of her computer mouse. She lived alone, and on many days her only personal interaction occurred here, on Facebook."

Miss the first episode of #MARS season 2 and don't have enough time to watch it? We've got you covered with this gif-tastic recap: https://t.co/mKnsvnVvDI

Miss the first episode of #MARS season 2 and don't have enough time to watch it? We've got you covered with this gif-tastic recap: https://t.co/mKnsvnVvDI

The sheep are knee-deep in mud. The goats are shin-deep in mud. The horses are fetlock-deep in mud. The pigs are belly-deep in mud. I'm heading out to feed so getting ready to be boot-top-deep in mud.

Hoping these rain patterns are not our new normal. Nervous about February.

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