The frogs have found a happy place…

“Actually, I’m still hungry.”

New fences for goats and sheep…

State Fair arts and crafts entry! Hoping for a blue ribbon.

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  • Gail

    I love all of these! But I especially love the frogs.

  • Nicole

    Those frogs are so cute! We don’t have frogs that lovely shade of green where I live. Ours are that horrible muddy green.

    Your daughter’s craft project is cool. Did she do that on slate? Going from your previous blog, what is homeschooling like now that some children have finished and the last 2 are older? Mine are 10 and 5 so I no longer have the baby to entertain while we are doing school.

  • Deborah

    So peaceful. I love the frogs. Best wishes at the State Fair!

  • Christina

    I love her look in that last picture. 🙂

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