Wandering around in the Renaissance

This week I’ve been taking care of various Peace Hill Press duties, meditating on the format for the middle-grade levels of the Writing With Ease series…and turning back to work, in [...]

A milestone

So Tuesday I finished a manuscript, and now for the first time in seven years I’m not playing catch-up with my writing. The manuscript was the last workbook in an elementary writing series [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-07-12

Family day. I want to go do something FUN. # Kids heading off to visit cousins; next few days all about finishing Writing With Ease Workbook 4. Might also watch a disaster movie or two. # [...]

Midsummer evening on the farm

Husband and kids are visiting cousins for a couple of days, I’m writing and writing and writing and all out of words. So…pictures I took on today’s evening walk. Click for a [...]

Further thoughts on Sanford…

That is, if you’re not sick of the topic. Here are a few of my thoughts: in the Washington Post, and in two audio interviews that ran on NPR stations this morning. [...]