That is, if you’re not sick of the topic. Here are a few of my thoughts: in the Washington Post, and in two audio interviews that ran on NPR stations this morning.

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  • A Circle of Quiet

    As one who spent two hours in a hospital E.R. waiting room last night, TV blaring, I am not sure what I am more sick of: speculation on Michael Jackson or the nauseating sound bites of Sanford. I have to agree with the “reporter” who said, “Sanford needs to Just.Stop.Talking.” If lieu of true repentance, that’s a good idea. I never thought it would be a relief to hear something about Brad and Angelina (-:

  • SFKC

    I appreciate David Brooks’ 7/7/09 NYT op-ed “In Search of Dignity” and how it dovetails with your thoughts. Developing our children’s inner moral code is one on a growing list of reasons why we’re choosing to educate in classical fashion. (With a focus on systems thinking, creative expression, compassionate service, and a big world view — there you have it, Taproot Academy’s mission statement!)

    I thank you for your clarity, persistence, and humor during these morally ambiguous times for many of our elected leaders. Perhaps we’re nearing a time when the phrase “restore dignity to the office” won’t just be a campaign slogan.


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