• Family day. I want to go do something FUN. #
  • Kids heading off to visit cousins; next few days all about finishing Writing With Ease Workbook 4. Might also watch a disaster movie or two. #
  • Listening to the sounds of silence… #
  • Just unloaded 8 bales of hay, 4 sacks of feed, 2 sacks of laying mash, t2 sacks of scratch, 1 sack of rabbit food, and a partridge in a… #
  • Working in the garden. (As in, I am in the garden, and so is my laptop.) #
  • Dinner: swiss chard and peaches. Cooking so much easier when Ravening Locusts (aka My Children) away. #
  • Today: spend another eight hours writing, or paint the barn? #
  • On my way to NoVa for two days of speaking: http://www.novaconference.net/ #
  • Instead of staying in hotel, drove back from NoVa after the day’s speaking to feed all the animals. Whose idea were all these beasts anyway? #
  • Time to hit 95N again. Yippee. #
  • Back from conference. Gave 6 workshops & am nearly dead. Mother/co-author gave 5 & is bouncing around like septuagenarian Energizer Bunny. #
  • Sitting at kitchen table, trying to finish manuscript. German shepherd puppy asleep on one foot, border collie puppy asleep on other. #

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  • SFKC

    you rock.

  • SFKC

    Oops — hit ‘submit’ too soon — I meant to continue:

    You rock! It’s fun to learn of your packed and interesting life. Twitter’s character constraints force near poetry (!) and each entry is great. Thanks so much for letting us in!

  • Alice

    My husband and I were at the NoVA conference. Both of us really enjoyed your workshops and especially the keynote address. You didn’t seem nearly dead while there.

  • Christine

    I was going to go to the NoVa conference, but DH said I’d have to come home rather than staying over. (I wanted to stay over to digest everything in silence.)

    Wound up just buying the conference CD and awaiting its arrival most anxiously.

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