One more update about future plans…

I’ve already posted about my decision to restructure the History of the Entire World series, and my intentions to balance out all that researching and writing with a little more farming. [...]

The follow-up

(If you need to read the preamble to the follow-up, or the reason why a follow-up is necessary, go ahead.) After struggling with the History of the Entire World for the last ten years, I’ve [...]

A preamble to the follow-up

In my post about best-laid plans, I said I was contemplating some new directions for my next writing project…and planning some other things as well. Before I tell you about those [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-25

There are now Angora goats living right outside my office window. They bleat. A lot. # All I can say is…this never happens at the publishing company *I* own. # Man, I [...]

Best-laid plans, and all that.

I haven’t made too many blog posts recently. I used to post a lot more. About the writing process and about what I read in my spare time and about all the things that get in the way of [...]

Reason #378 why grammar is important

From this morning’s batch of email… Good afternoon, Here with the Better Business Bureau would like to inform you that we have received a complaint (ID 59162843) from a customer of [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-26

Lots of very beautiful, very wet snow outside. Along w/lots of downed limbs and no power. Winter sticking its tongue out at us as it exits. # Checking through DD11's work, I find that she [...]

Winter’s farewell (I hope)

So after a much warmer winter than last year’s, we got to February 20 without anything really sticking. Even last weekend’s unexpected snowshower fell, and went, in the same hours. [...]