• Lots of very beautiful, very wet snow outside. Along w/lots of downed limbs and no power. Winter sticking its tongue out at us as it exits. #
  • Checking through DD11's work, I find that she wrote me a note: "I acedentaly did too much spelling today." Apparently not. #
  • German shepherd went nose-to-nose with a skunk.We scrubbed him down with soap and vinegar; now he smells like a giant pickled skunk cabbage. #
  • Monday: Snow. Hot chocolate. Sleds. Icicles. Friday: 81 degrees. Thunderstorms. Gusty winds. I'm disoriented. The horses look confused too. #
  • "Many lettuces contain lactucarium ('lettuce-opium'), a mild analgesic and sedative that can generate a…sense of euphoria." Huh. #
  • German shepherd just went nose-to-nose with skunk for SECOND time this week, THIRD time this year. It's like having another teenager. #

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  • Denise

    My overly friendly dogs have both been skunked at least twice in their lives and I have found a great homemade treatment. The recipe includes a qt. of hydrogen peroxide mixed with 1 box of baking soda and 2 T of Dawn dishwashing liquid. I put this in a pitcher and slowly pour it over my dog as I work it into their coat. For the eye and snout area I use a washcloth dipped in the solution and I apply it carefully. Leave the solution on their coat for at least 10 mins then rinse with warm water. You may need to reapply the next day depending on the strength of the odor in one particular area. This solution has worked better than store bought products that I’ve tried.

  • Jenny

    Thanks for keeping it real. I’m glad I wasn’t drinking soda when I read the spelling comment. By the way, did you actually bang your head on the table when you read it, or at least pretend to?

  • Priscilla

    Regarding lactucarium: maybe Beatrix Potter was right when she wondered whether the consumption of lettuces was soporific in the opening pages of The Flopsy Bunnies. Incidentally, I learnt the meaning of the word soporific as a 5 year old by deduction from this book!

  • LaVern

    The comment about your daughter’s spelling is reassuring. My son is a terrible speller, and despite my many and varied efforts change this, nothing seems to have much of an impact.

  • Andrea

    I can remember my parents using a tomato juice bath when the dog tangled with a skunk. Hmmmmmm….

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