So after a much warmer winter than last year’s, we got to February 20 without anything really sticking. Even last weekend’s unexpected snowshower fell, and went, in the same hours. And then this happened.

(Border collie in snow…)

(Teenaged boy in snow…)

The power went out; the snow was heavy and wet and bent the trees (and electric lines) down to the ground. It was cold, and thick, and damp. There were birds in it, building nests.

The day after the snow, it was 55 degrees. Tonight, I can hear frogs peeping in the front marsh, while the last of the snow drips off the eaves.

Liminal. That’s what late snow is; at the threshold, not quite in either season, bridging winter and fall and belonging to neither.

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  • Polly


  • Christina

    Yes, so lovely! Especially the end.

  • cindy garman

    Oh My. I am drooling. My poor girls have been staring at their snow clothes in the closet this year, not-so-patiently waiting for snow. Over the weekend they laid a bunch of flattened cardboard boxes in the front yard and sledded down that. In their t-shirts.

  • Peter

    Just discovered your Blog – well done!

    I noted in one of your bios that you have five dogs, four children, three cats, two horses, and a whole lot of chickens. We are somewhat similar – three dogs, two children, six cats, six horses, two rabbits, four sheep, and a whole lot of chickens… Also, our son is near you at Patrick Henry College, with his sister soon to join him – time flies, so don’t blink with yours…

    I am not sure this is the correct forum to ask in, but I will ask none the less. We have utilized your books, The History of the Ancient World and The History of the Medieval World for our homeschooling and they have been of great value, but at this time we are in need of a trustworthy source for modern history (at least until your last two editions are released). Do you have any recommendations for the interim?

    Your time and consideration would be greatly appreciated.

  • Rebecca Silva

    I’m amazed, envious, and more than a little sad that I live 4 hours north of you, yet you’ve had more snow this year. I keep reminding people that March is still to come…March ’93 anyone? It could still happen (I hope!).

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