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When databases turn rogue

I’m a fan of As a reader, I find it satisfying that I can search and find almost any title, even out-of-print ones. As a writer, I’m relieved that readers can find me even if their local bookstore doesn’t provide me with shelf space. (Let’s see: John Grisham, Stephenie Meyer, Oprah’s latest selection, me….which […]


At the suggestion of my tech-savvy brother, I’m now Twittering. Sign up and search for my user name (SusanWiseBauer) if you’d like to add me–or just use this link. On work days, I’ll be posting brief updates as I write; on the days when I’m parent in charge, I’ll let you know how the whole […]

PROSE Awards

Just found out that The Art of the Public Grovel was recognised by the PROSE awards (The American Publishers Awards for Professional and Scholarly Excellence) in the Cultural Studies category. I’m not familiar with the awards (academic publishing generally is kind of a foreign land for me), but I’ll take my Honorable Mention with pride. […]

Now on the Kindle. All 800 pages of it.

As of this week, you can plan on reading the History of the Ancient World on the Kindle. It’s a lot of pages for an ebook, isn’t it? I have a Kindle but haven’t used it as much as I expected to (mostly I take it when I’m flying, since it’s light). It drives me […]

Less than forty-eight hours to go–

I plan on putting this MS in the mail to Norton first thing Thursday morning, and I still have editing to do (I HATE writing chapter titles), so no long post. Just a note that the video of the lecture I gave at the Princeton Public Library is now online. Although I can’t resist making […]

William & Mary Book of the Month

is Art of the Public Grovel…if you want to hear me talk about it and see some not too flattering photos (hey, it was raining the day I went in to do the interview and I was on my way to class), go to the William & Mary News home page. I’m finishing the Medieval […]

The RSA talk, online

A brief note: The audio for the talk I gave at the RSA in London is now online, and you can listen to it here.

Missing in (way too much) action

Why I haven’t blogged for two weeks…let’s see… 1. We got Emily a pony for her birthday because the horses have turned out to be JUST TOO BIG for her to learn on. So we’ve spent a lot of time working with the pony. Also Max, my Belgian draft horse, did not adjust well to […]

Indignation at the RSA

I’m back from the U.K., sitting in the Continental lounge at Newark, desperately hoping that my connecting flight to Richmond will indeed TAKE OFF at some point. I meant to post again while I was in England, but what with one thing and another (“another” being spotty internet connections–“Oh,” says the charming young receptionist at […]

Shrieking and clawing at the chain link fence…

So I’ve been to Broadcast House twice today to do live interviews on BBC programs. Tonight I did Night Waves; you can listen to the program here for the next seven days…endure through the few seconds of dead air, as there were some technical difficulties right at the beginning of the program (and I’m not […]