Much to my surprise, the History of the Renaissance World popped up on Amazon this week.

So I guess it’s real…

(Incidentally, the second level of Writing With Skill, our new pre-rhetoric series, appeared at the same time–it’s in beta-testing now,

and here’s the link to the accompanying Instructor Text.)

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  • Therry

    Wow! Congratulation! But August 2013??? People must be patient to have it! 😉

    I hope you are all right after Sandy passage last week!

  • Juanita

    Susan, is the publication date for level 2 expected to be next August? We’re using level 1 this year and enjoying it.

  • Teish

    So, does the writing curriculum follow Writing With Ease? I’m using that with my first and third grade children this year, and we’re also doing First Language Lessons. (I must say that we are loving it too!)

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