Thanks so much to all of you who posted in response to my giveaway offer, below, of the History of the Renaissance World galleys.

As I noted below, I’m going to give away three copies instead of two. So, the winners, drawn randomly from the pool of comments, are…

Jayne (“Love the books. I know the new book will be awesome!!” Thanks for that!)
Landi Martinez (“I have been waiting so long for this book!” I feel your pain.)
Daniel H. (“Even started re-reading “History of the Ancient World” to warm up for ‘Renaissance’!” A fine, fine plan.)

(Now I feel really bad about all of you who didn’t win a book.)

A couple of new updates about work and writing coming soon. Again, thank you for your enthusiasm…it is much appreciated (and very encouraging).

  • Sarah B.

    Congrats to the winners!

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