After my readers reacted to the original recording of The History of the Ancient World, Audible pulled it and reassigned the project to John Lee, the wonderful British actor who recorded The History of the Medieval World.

It’s now available. Have a listen to the sample, because hearing John Lee say “Alulim” and “Eridu” in the same sentence is an experience that can’t be described in words.

Audible page

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  • facebook_heatherquintero

    Wow, that is very good timing for us!

  • Sid Morrison

    Excellent; It’s so much better now. I can’t imagine they do that very often after paying a narrator to do it once already. Their ears must have been bleeding like the rest of ours after the first version.

    I wonder what the added cost to them was… This is a thick volume—quite a lot of spoken word!

  • brian

    Yes, that’s much better!

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