Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-01

Getting ready to give the plenary address at the Society for Classical Learning annual conference in Charleston, SC. Beautiful city. # Back home: today, SHEEP DELIVERY! (That's how you get [...]

The last guessing game

So where’s this? (The last adventure before we head home tomorrow.) And if you want extra credit, you can figure out where we were yesterday:

Time for a challenge…

OK, you all know I’m in the south of France. So can you figure out where I spent my afternoon today? I’ll give you two hints: It’s not a historic landmark. And it is in the [...]

Guess where I am?

To celebrate the finished History of the Renaissance, Peter and I ran away from home for a week. Want to play, “Where is Susan?”

…And there was much rejoicing.

(Here, anyway. Don’t know if my editor will share that emotion when he has to READ the whole thing.) THE WHOLE BOOK IS FINISHED. 808 pages. 235,000 words. 45 pages of works cited. Now [...]


Still alive here, folks. Working on final draft of the next history manuscript. On track to go to my editor at the end of this month. [wipes mental sweat from brain’s brow] All the words [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-29

Heading west with kids for long-planned fishing trip. And it, is, of course, SNOWING. What state is this??? What month is it again??? # Desperate searching for adjective that means "able to [...]