• Heading west with kids for long-planned fishing trip. And it, is, of course, SNOWING. What state is this??? What month is it again??? #
  • Desperate searching for adjective that means "able to be mixed together." Found it: MISCIBLE. But can't use it. Nobody knows what it means. #
  • Today, spraying fruit trees for leaf curl, fire blight, brown rot, borers. Folks, there's a reason why all those colonies out here failed. #
  • Wrapping up a chapter on the Ming this morning. Must find a better adjective than "bureaucrat-stuffed." Although that's pretty descriptive. #
  • OK, I just spent three hours writing a footnote. But it's a darned GOOD footnote. #

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  • Jacquelyn

    Hi Susan,
    Not sure where to post this question – so here goes. I am reading Writing With Ease to help me develop a high school writing curriculum for a classical school. I know the high school workbooks and instructor books are forthcoming, but do you have anything written regarding the high school level that I can read now? I love the chapter in Writing With Ease but would welcome some more detailed ideas. Any suggestions?

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