To celebrate the finished History of the Renaissance, Peter and I ran away from home for a week. Want to play, “Where is Susan?”

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  • Therry

    I’m guessing somewhere in Italy! Where the Renaissance has begun…

  • Katherine Goldberg

    Would that be Avignon? The best of places to avoid the plague. 🙂 Enjoy your very well deserved trip!

  • Jeanne (cathmom)

    Someplace historical? 😉

  • Michael Ray


    Most likely southern France since those appear to be olive trees in the garden.

    Somewhere near the Mediterranean.

  • Tracy

    Palais des Papes

  • Susan

    Ah, you guys are good! Yep, the papal palace at Avignon–which I’ve been writing about and have never seen before. Try the next post!

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