You guys are good. Try this one. (Sunday afternoon, June 3, if it matters.)

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  • LV

    Arles? Only guessing b/c we took a train from Arles to Avignon for a day trip, so I know it’s close. If the bull fights are running in Arles, try to go, it’s quite a site! (And, yes, they do kill the bull, or at least they used to – not for the squeamish, and not really a Renaissance thing, I guess.) Less bloody is Toro Piscina – guys trying to get the bull to jump into/over a pool of water.

  • Catherine Windels

    As I mentioned on Facebook, my guess is Saint Paul-de-Mausole monastery.

  • Tracy

    The Monastery of Saint Paul de Mausole, St Remy de Provence

  • Marcelino Esparza-Aguilar

    do you know if and when will the book “The history of the medieval world” be translated to spanish. I read the book about the Ancient world and I love it. I can not wait for read the whole series!
    Is the new book about renaissance, that is already finished, the next in the series?
    best regards from Mexico

  • Susan

    Marcelino–it is being translated by the publisher who did Volume 1, but I don’t know the target date. I’ll try to see if I can find out.

  • Susan

    Bingo! St. Paul-de-Mausole monastery it is, the back garden that Van Gogh painted.

    Nicely done!

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