OK, you all know I’m in the south of France. So can you figure out where I spent my afternoon today?

I’ll give you two hints: It’s not a historic landmark. And it is in the guidebooks.

Have fun…

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  • ChristineMM

    Monet’s gardens at Giverny?

  • maarten

    no idea, But looks relaxing.

  • karensk

    I was thinking Monet’s gardens, too….not that I’ve been, but your pics remind me of photos I’ve seen of his gardens, especially the arches. Wherever it is, I hope y’all are having a fabulous time!

  • Tracy

    Chateau Val-Joanis, Pertuis

  • Rébecca

    I was born and have lived in Southern France for most of my life and yet I have no idea where this is…
    I just got recently the first two volumes in The Story of the World to use it in our homeschool… but oh, how I wish they were translated into French…

  • Susan

    Chateau-Val Joanis it is!

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