Publication day, sort of.

Folks, tomorrow is the Official Publication Day for The History of the Renaissance World: From the Rediscovery of Aristotle to the Conquest of Constantinople. …Which means nothing. [...]

Really, really, really long audiobooks

A little while ago, my esteemed editor forwarded me this note from Norton’s subsidiary rights department… Audio rights for THE HISTORY OF THE RENAISSANCE WORLD have just been sold to [...]

New catalog page!

Check out the Norton catalog page for the History of the Renaissance World! My editor’s assistant just sent it along for me. It’s up on the Norton website as well, linked to my Norton author [...]

First public outing(s)!

Much to my surprise, the History of the Renaissance World popped up on Amazon this week. So I guess it’s real… (Incidentally, the second level of Writing With Skill, our new [...]

The copyedits have arrived

This week, I started on the first major post-submission production task for the History of the Renaissance World: going through the copy edits. That’s the copy-edited manuscript. All form [...]

History of the Renaissance World cover!

As a follow-up to my July post about possible cover images for the upcoming History of the Renaissance World, may I present…Norton’s suggested cover. I love this cover. I love that [...]