Check out the Norton catalog page for the History of the Renaissance World! My editor’s assistant just sent it along for me.

It’s up on the Norton website as well, linked to my Norton author page.

(Curious about what “Co-op available” means? So glad you asked that. Check out this entertaining explanation…)

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  • Chucki

    Cool! We will be needing that in a few years.

  • Colleen in NS

    Congratulations once again! Can’t wait to buy it. All three of them look very nice together, too!

  • dana b

    Look forward to it! I am thoroughly enjoying the Ancient World edition as we study the Ancients in History. Your writing style really brings to life. Although it may be a couple years before I get that far.

  • Harriet Vane

    Looking forward to using this next year with dd! We have found that your clear prose makes your history books a cut above the rest. Thank you!!!

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