In which I reflect on Robert Frost.

I’m spending most of today on planes, heading to Seattle and then SoCal for book business. Which puts me in the mood for something random.   When I was young, my mother used to take us to [...]

The weekly roundup

I realize that I’m more often using my public Facebook page to make brief notes about reading and random thoughts…and as most of my energy has ben going into the History of the [...]

What I’ve been reading

Time for my periodic review of what I’ve been read over the last few weeks. As with my last (somewhat long ago) book review roundup, this one is weighted towards fiction; I’ve read [...]

The social networking map

Still immersed in piles of “social media will bring an end to civilization” books in preparation for those Vancouver lectures. Still unconvinced, although I’m accumulating a [...]

What I’ve been reading

I haven’t posted an update on my reading for a while. Actually I haven’t posted anything lengthy for a while. I’ve been submerged in researching, editing, and keeping up with [...]

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