Still immersed in piles of “social media will bring an end to civilization” books in preparation for those Vancouver lectures. Still unconvinced, although I’m accumulating a list of objections to social media that seem serious and valid and thus deserve a response.

(None of these, by the way, from Andrew Keen’s abysmal The Cult of the Amateur. Keen argues that, unless professionals and experts remain in the gatekeeping positions of publishing, music, and news companies, we’ll be flooded by unmediated dreck. His book just proves that dreck can make it past the gatekeepers–at least the ones at Crown.)

Today I ran across this social networking map from Flowtown. Click on the link and visit the original; absolutely brilliant. As those of you who’ve seen the History of the Ancient World or the History of the Medieval World know, I love maps.

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  • Heather Q.

    They left off the Volcanic Ninja Island of the WTM Boards. Talk about explosive!

  • Madiantin

    Oh my GOSH that’s fabulous. ROFL @ Heather’s comment.

  • sebastian (a lady)

    Isn’t the Volcanic Ninja Island of WTM where the waterfall of Mike’s Hard Lemonade flows?

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