BookExpoAmerica, 2013

This week, Peace Hill Press has a booth at BEA, inside the Norton space. I’m here along with Pattie, my intrepid executive assistant, and John, the PHP Director of Marketing and online [...]

First public outing(s)!

Much to my surprise, the History of the Renaissance World popped up on Amazon this week. So I guess it’s real… (Incidentally, the second level of Writing With Skill, our new [...]

BookExpo Days #2 and #3 (yawn)

What an odd show this year. We had a number of good conversations, but although Peace Hill Press is having its best year ever, BookExpo was sloooowww. (If you’re interested in comparisons, [...]

Sales conference time!

Yesterday was sales conference day for Peace Hill Press, which means that I’m in New York. I don’t have any great photos this trip, but here’s the view out my window this [...]

Peace Hill Press’s Youtube channel

Mollie, who’s the marketing director at Peace Hill Press (the small press I run in Charles City), has a multimedia experiment in the works: populating the Peace Hill Press Youtube channel. [...]