Mollie, who’s the marketing director at Peace Hill Press (the small press I run in Charles City), has a multimedia experiment in the works: populating the Peace Hill Press Youtube channel. Here’s the message she asked me to post:

Do you have a question you’ve been dying to ask Susan Wise Bauer? Send me your questions, and I’ll pick a few of them for Susan to answer on camera! You can watch the answers on our Youtube channel.

Email questions to mollie at, and if your question is selected, we’ll let you know!

So if you’d like to participate, drop her a note.

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  • A Daring Adventure

    Hi Susan!

    I emailed Mollie and asked her to grill you right well on homeschooling your older children and watching them bloom into adults!

    With a sixteen-year-old, I’m there myself and I’d love to hear your stories and wisdom.

    Blessings to you guys, and to C who sounds like he is off having QUITE a grand time!

    ~K olb.i 🙂

  • Arthur Middleton Hughes

    Susan: I wonder if your research on the Ancient World which I read with great interest does not also throw light on why human beings are so much smarter than animals. Darwin found that each species develops to best deal with its environment. So birds in one area developed beaks to best get at what they ate. Human beings had to protect themselves from lions, tigers and snakes. They had also become good hunters and farmers. But if you look at people you see that they are much more sophisticated than necessary to adapt to their animal and physical environment. Why? I think that possibly it is because what people had to deal with were the smartest enemies in the world — other people. Your book shows that mankind was continually at war with other people– not just other tribes, but members of their own family – like the sons of their king. Constant warfare is thus why homo sapiens survived and homo erectus did not. You trace recorded history, but clearly, what happened before writing was the same as what happened later: constant warfare from which only the very smartest could survive. What do you think?

  • Mary Jo Scamperle

    We are a small elementary school teaching the classical curriculum. We have used The Story of the world for several years and love the grammar books and Writing with Ease. Our one problem is how to evaluate student progress in a fair manner. We use the books Writing 1-4 on grade level. Any ideas?

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