The follow-up

(If you need to read the preamble to the follow-up, or the reason why a follow-up is necessary, go ahead.) After struggling with the History of the Entire World for the last ten years, I’ve [...]

A preamble to the follow-up

In my post about best-laid plans, I said I was contemplating some new directions for my next writing project…and planning some other things as well. Before I tell you about those [...]

Winter’s farewell (I hope)

So after a much warmer winter than last year’s, we got to February 20 without anything really sticking. Even last weekend’s unexpected snowshower fell, and went, in the same hours. [...]


It’s a gorgeous morning. Clear blue sky, breeze. And a whole lot of branches on the ground. Here at the farm, we’re in pretty good shape. Thanks to the heroic efforts of our farm [...]

November colors

Rain is coming tonight and the leaves will fall. But here’s how the farm looks this morning…. the back of the farmhouse, looking towards the old barn, the sugar maples west of the [...]