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  • Nicole


  • dawn

    I love forsythia … ours isn’t blooming yet, it is a joy to see yours.

    Glad your office is bigger than I imagined it 🙂

  • Suzanne Bryan Brock

    Oh, that is beautiful! I love forsythia. We don’t seem to have too many in St. Louis and I miss that about central VA! I especially love them when they’re left to grow as they wish and not cut into balls or boxes 🙂

  • Abdulghaniy Otukogbe

    It’s great to know that all those good books you are writing for parents like myself to give their children better education come from this modest rural structure. Ever wondered how far your works have gone? Anyway I am sending this comment all the way from lagos, Nigeria and it’s 5:46 pm, tuesday 22nd of march.

  • Sylvia C

    I’m so jealous of the forsythia! Ours are at least a month away from blooming.

  • Angela Woodland

    The forsythia are beautiful…just beginning to bloom here in Ohio…Spring is here!!

  • Kelly

    You’ve been looking for things to calm you…looks like you have just the thing outside your door. Way better than Ylang.

  • Janice in NJ

    Ah. Something unarguably beautiful. Isn’t life grand? 🙂

  • Dave Moore

    Hi Susan,

    I interviewed you on radio several years back.

    How about doing a “in the library” video like I did? Go to our web site and find it in the upper right hand corner. Realize the challenge I give is to folks like you!


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