It’s a gorgeous morning. Clear blue sky, breeze. And a whole lot of branches on the ground.

Here at the farm, we’re in pretty good shape. Thanks to the heroic efforts of our farm manager last week, most of the trees that COULD have been a problem got trimmed up or taken down before the winds hit. And, much to my surprise (and yours, if you watched this video I took at 6 PM yesterday), the road is still functioning. Washed, but stable.

Trees are apparently down between here and everywhere with a store, so I don’t anticipate getting out of here any time soon; also we have no power (generator’s running, though), cell or landline service. And although the farm is fine, the Peace Hill Press office next door isn’t quite as well off.

This is the big oak tree that stood beside the Press until 3 AM today. Now, believe me, I know how fortunate we are that the tree didn’t go ONTO the office itself. But if you look to the left of the photo, you’ll see the problem.

It sheared off both the power lines AND the phone/DSL lines to the office, plus pulling the meter almost all the way off the wall.

We’re hearing that it might be a week or even two before all power is restored, and we have no idea where we fall in that spectrum. But I doubt we’re going to see a Dominion power truck any time soon, and getting Verizon out here is going to be equally tough (particularly if my own phone doesn’t start working again). And I don’t know how long it will take me to find someone who can haul that tree away.

The Peace Hill Press store and site are fine, since they’re hosted in Seattle and since our books ship from a warehouse in the Midwest. We’re not going to be up and running at the office any time soon, though.

But there’s a certain beauty even in the mess.

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  • Laura

    Glad you all are safe!

  • Amanda Read

    That’s a familiar scene to me! We experienced the same stuff when the tornadoes came tearing through Alabama in April:

    ~ Amanda

  • Paige

    Wow, glad to hear none of you were hurt! Hope you are able get the office back up and running quickly :).

  • Patrick D. Kennedy

    I am glad you are all safe. Praying for a quick and somewhat painless cleanup.

    Question (No Pressure or anything) : Do you have a tentative schedule of publication for your History of the World books? We home school and my daughter is now in grade 9 (eeh) and I would like to use your series as our world history texts.

  • Shannon

    Glad you are safe. We are excited about beginning your history and activity books. I would be very interested in purchasing the activity books in PDF form if they become available that way.

  • Noel

    Wow – very telling photos! Question-I am also interested in the release dates for book 3 (and 4) of your History of the World books. My now 7th grade public school son has devoured your first two books and read the younger reader series through non-stop in 2nd grade. He is dying for more! Would you be willing to recommend other books to us? Thank you for offering your help! Good luck with your clean up.

  • Sebastian (a lady)

    Glad everyone is safe. Maybe this is the time for all of us to pre-order Writing with Skill as a way to contribute to the chain saw fund. Or the emergency chocolate fund.

  • Cara Brooke

    Oh goodness! I’m so glad you’re safe and well, and very sorry about the tree and the problems that it has created. That last photo does have a certain beauty about it, thanks for sharing.

    I hope all the messiness gets cleaned up quickly. 🙂

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