Driving the pony

This is what you do on a holiday week: hitch the Demon Pony (who has been ground-driven up until now) to the cart and work on those actual driving skills. This is the Demon Pony, otherwise known [...]

Thanksgiving Day

Mom (chef) and Chris (sous chef)… The gourmet marshmallows (essential part of sweet potato casserole)… Piefest 2009… Mmmm… Grammy and Pawpaw… All four kids in one [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-22

November night early: Orion's belt stands up on end just above the horizon. # Monday!! Monday!! I get to go off the grid AND go to 2012. Don't care how bad it is, just want to see the big [...]

And now on Kindle

No, this isn’t a reflection on what e-books are going to do to publishing; it’s just a notification that my blogs (both this one and the Well-Trained Mind blog) are now available on [...]

Brief dispatch from NYC

I spent the first part of this week in New York: people to see, business to do, obscure books to consult, and a visit to the Norton fall sales conference cocktail party. Which was delightful [...]

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-11-08

I am just erasing today. Poof! It does not exist. # Oh, look. Rain. # Impulse to sing old John Denver songs at sight of morning sunshine=sign of age. # After a day of ferrying kids to violin [...]

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