• Note to undergrads: Don't email prof on weekend to ask for information that's already in course catalog. Won't help you get into the class. #
  • On 62nd Street in Manhattan, drinking coffee. #
  • Every second woman on Upper East Side wearing tights & kneehigh boots. Honey, don't care how many other women are doing it: NOT a good look. #
  • Undergrad Tip #2: When requesting permission to register for advanced writing class, try not to misspell more than 3 or 4 words in email. #
  • Just finished party + civilized conversation w/amazing W. W. Norton reps: people who read AND have high tolerance for ambient noise. #
  • Late party + early flight = unhappiness. #
  • Flights out of Richmond are always full. Flights into Richmond are never more than half full. How does that work? #
  • Back home to a nor'easter. Paddock knee-deep mud, roof leaking, power blinking on and off, trees bending, general mini-apocalypse #
  • Sheesh. Waiting for the animals to start showing up two by two. #
  • See, now, I think that a "suites hotel" should have, you know…suites in it. Apparently not. Guess I'm sharing w/the kids tonight. #
  • Heading home today from a wedding in Harrisburg; plan to stop at the National Zoo on the way. And look! Blue sky!! #

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  • Kate

    The National Zoo is so depressing. It’s one cramped animal space after another, lined up along a strip of pavement. I’d highly recommend you visit the Maryland Zoo of Baltimore the next time you’re nearby and have the zoo urge. It’s smaller, but the design, landscaping, and exhibits are far better. Even the animals seem happier. 🙂

  • Deanna Martin

    Agree with Kate. We were at the National Zoo about 4 wks ago and I’d never seen so many exhibits closed and such a poor design. I thought it was great when I was a kid, but perspective changes things – like the zoo in Pittsburgh, Baltimore, and even Hersheypark.

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