• I am just erasing today. Poof! It does not exist. #
  • Oh, look. Rain. #
  • Impulse to sing old John Denver songs at sight of morning sunshine=sign of age. #
  • After a day of ferrying kids to violin lessons/playdates/social engagements/chemistry tutorials…ice cream for dinner! Hey, milk, eggs… #
  • Time to quit stalling and answer all that email…Ooh, there goes a bird…Anything new at nytimes.com?…Think I'll rename file folders… #
  • I answered it all! Now people have started emailing me back again. It's like LAUNDRY. Clean it up and people just WEAR it again. #
  • Writing at Lord Hardwicke's in Charlottesville. #
  • I live in a county with 6 thousand people and 20 thousand deer (at least). So where do I hit a deer? On I-64. In the West End of Richmond. #
  • In answer to all who asked: car is wee bit battered, I am fine. Yet another visit to the body shop pending. (For car, not for me.) #
  • Frost!! Frost!!! Bug death!!!! #
  • I haven't got the energy for an update. Note even 140 characters worth. #

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