• I WANT to go running in the cold, cold rain. Yes, I do. Watch me step out the door. Here I go. Right now. Almost gone. Leaving right now. #
  • Went running. Then stood in the rain holding enthusiastic horse while vet treated leg. Time for hot coffee and family day. #
  • I am sick. WAAAAAAH. #
  • Potato chips eaten to medicate a fever have no calories. #
  • Curling up into miserable ball and waiting for tomorrow. Maybe everything will be OK in the morning. #
  • Twelve hours of sleep helped. Wish I had chocolate cake to eat for breakfast. #
  • Back on kid duty this afternoon. Should I insist on school? Or suggest that they play games and eat cookies with pathetic ill mother? Hmm… #
  • Did chemistry. Did Latin. Did piano. Cookies and Settlers, here we come. #
  • This is obviously not mild flu, but epic cold. Good: no swine flu to spread thru house. Bad: much less excuse to go to bed for next 3 days. #
  • HACK HACK HACK <<cough>> AACHOOO (washes hands). REPEAT. #
  • I am thankful that my mother still wants to cook Thanksgiving dinner for all of these enormous boys. #
  • Would rather be staked out on an anthill than go shopping on Black Friday. #
  • Just hitched the pony to the pony-cart for the very first time. And she was brilliant (in a disagreeable pony-type way). #
  • Ah, India, how I've missed you (kind of). #
  • This is the vampire of colds: Lasts forever, drains all my energy (but won't turn to ash in the sun). (Metaphor now thoroughly played out.) #
  • Watching It's A Wonderful Life again. DH: "Why doesn't she ask him what's wrong?" Me: "Why doesn't he tell her the money's missing?" #
  • Advent music begins today! #
  • I am tired of being sick. Really, really, really, really, really tired. Also can't think of original adverbs. 'Cause I'm sick. Really. #

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  • cathmom

    I thought she did ask him what was wrong, and he continued with his meltdown.

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