This is what you do on a holiday week: hitch the Demon Pony (who has been ground-driven up until now) to the cart and work on those actual driving skills.

This is the Demon Pony, otherwise known as Belle, the strawberry roan Shetland who was supposed to be a sedate 16 when I bought her from a pony-dealer I’d never worked with before. (Vet, four months later, doing fall vaccinations: “So you decided to go with a three-year old, huh?”)

Heading over to where the cart is parked. (Notice that southeastern Virginia has had the wettest November on record.)

Hitching up…

And heading out. You will see from my extremely attractive enormous blaze-orange Polartec fleece that we’re going for a drive in the woods during open season.

Moving past the old chicken house,

and down the woods path.

Can’t wait to head across the fields. More pics coming (once training has advanced a bit further).

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  • April in Vermont

    Here was my Nov. 28th: hunter chases deer through yard, deer crashes through electirc fence and drags it half way through yard, pony escapes through downed fence and is found (finally!) on far side of property, pony spends rest of day on the lookout for charging deer while we fix fence….I’m thinking driving the pony sounds much more fun…

  • MJ in Georgia

    Susan, now I can show my kids that I am not the only crazy mother who insists that her children wear neon orange when playing in the woods during hunting season! My husband, of course, being the risk-taker, baby-of-the-family that he is, says, “Nah. They’ll be alright wearing that camo.”

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