• November night early: Orion's belt stands up on end just above the horizon. #
  • Monday!! Monday!! I get to go off the grid AND go to 2012. Don't care how bad it is, just want to see the big wave hit the Himalayas. #
  • 2012, Nonspoiler Observation #1: People in movies can hold their breath for a really, really long time. #
  • 2012, Nonspoiler Observation #2: If you name a character in a will-they-survive movie Noah, you may be tipping your hand. #
  • 2012, Nonspoiler Observation #3: Campers can fly amazingly long distances if properly accelerated. #
  • Writing early in the morning. Like the British, I am camping out in India way longer than I should. #
  • All the kids are playing musical instruments. Simultaneously. Which you might think would be a good and encouraging thing. Well… #
  • Time to head off the grid (and back into India). #
  • Writing early: Heading from India over to southeast Asia. But I'll be back. #
  • I'm doing stuff on the top of my to-do list. Meanwhile, the tasks on the bottom appear to be multiplying like bunnies. #
  • Willow oaks outside my bedroom window are bright yellow: red morning sun is turning them deep glowing orange, just for a few minutes. #
  • Prioritizing to-do list: 1) Blog updates. 2) Finish scope & sequence for middle-grade writing program. 3) Return to India (metaphorically). #
  • Darn, I forgot: must finish proofing final version of timelines. 1) Blog updates. 2) Timelines. 3) Scope & sequence. 4) India. 5) Watch TV. #
  • Had to suspend to-do list in order to go call a square dance. Yes, one of my particularly RANDOM jobs. #

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