The perils of stock art

Some time ago an alert reader sent me a copy of this book cover, which he’d noticed on Amazon: The book was self-published through Amazon and apparently no copies are available, so I have [...]

Publication day!

Today’s the formal release date for The History of the Medieval World. It’s actually been shipping for weeks; “publication day” is a myth, as I’ve noted before. But [...]

Well, check this out

I pre-ordered a copy of The History of the Medieval World from months ago, back when the book went into production (I always do this, just to keep tabs on availability). Today I get [...]

Baby pictures!

No, not that kind. My author’s copies of The History of the Medieval World arrived! SOOO pretty… Ooh, and look at them TOGETHER… Really a lovely design job–same look as [...]

Flap copy

If you want to preview the flap copy for the upcoming book, read on (and please forgive the self-promotion, it’s what we writers do.) A History of the Medieval World From the Conversion of [...]

Bound galleys!

I was just sending off the first-pass galleys when a box arrived from Norton with the bound versions. These are the books that go out to reviewers so that they’ll have enough lead time to [...]

Deep breath in. Deep breath out.

I’m making progress on the first-pass galleys. Just trying to remember to take breaks whenever I find myself scrawling in huge capital letters WHY IS THIS NOT IN ITALICS? or WHERE IS THE [...]

And the galleys are…still here.

So those first-pass galleys for The History of the Medieval World now look like this: which is to say, I haven’t started the serious read-through of them yet. They’re due back August [...]

The galleys arrive

And with no warning, the first-pass galleys of the History of the Medieval World have arrived in a big box on my doorstep: the manuscript in the bottom of the box, and the galleys on top. Gearing [...]


OK, I have done it. I finished going through the copyedits on 800 pages of medieval history manuscript. That’s all I’ve done for a week (which is why there hasn’t been a blog [...]