I’m making progress on the first-pass galleys. Just trying to remember to take breaks whenever I find myself scrawling in huge capital letters WHY IS THIS NOT IN ITALICS? or WHERE IS THE FOOTNOTE? or I CANNOT READ THIS LABEL! or WHY ARE NONE OF THESE COLUMNS IN THE RIGHT PLACE?

This is definitely not my favorite part of the writing life.

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  • Ian Barker

    Could I ask what font they are using? Thanks.

  • Keeley

    My good gravy, that’s a lot of work!

    Have a cupcake. =)

    When your book’s published, you totally need a cake that looks exactly like the book. =Þ

  • Kelli

    Ooh…but you get to use post-it notes! I am weird enough to like editing things b/c of the post-it note usage.

    And, p.s., I was inordinately excited today when I saw that you love/recommended the 1982 version of The Scarlet Pimpernel (SOTW Bk 3 – French Revolution)! We immediately put it on Netflix and have been saying “Sink me!” all day.

  • Lee Price

    I have been reading your first book “The History of the Ancient World” and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I have read several history books. The problem I have found is that they almost completely leave out the Biblical accounts of the Kings. Thank you for a wonderful integration of both in your books.
    I also read on your twitter space that you played Settlers. Do you and your husband play other Euro games? I am a big fan of the games and was just wondering.

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