Today’s the formal release date for The History of the Medieval World.

It’s actually been shipping for weeks; “publication day” is a myth, as I’ve noted before. But as of today it’s officially shipping. Also, over the next couple of weeks the book should get decent positioning closer to the front of bricks-and-mortar stores, before returning to the “History” shelves to hang out with its own kind for the rest of its life.

Contrary to what you might think from reading about the glamorous lives of authors, publisher-sponsored publication parties are few and far between. You probably get one if you 1) live in Manhattan and/or 2) hit the New York Times bestseller list on a regular basis, and/or 3) work in publishing, thus rendering it embarrassing for your colleagues not to throw a party.

The rest of us get to throw parties for ourselves.

So we’ve having dinner with friends, and I’m baking. I’ve just finished making a white velvet cake with a chocolate ganache frosting for us to party with here, and I’m getting ready to make a German chocolate cake with coconut and pecan filling to take to dinner tonight.

In this house, celebration equals carbohydrates. So grab a cookie or a handful of chocolate chips and join me in a virtual publication party. (And hey, if you happen to see the book stacked on a front table at a nearby store, snap a picture with your cell phone and send it to the webmaster at

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  • Jeremiah Small

    I ordered Medieval World last fall, and I’m looking forward to receiving it. I’m an American volunteer teaching at a private school for Kurdish children in Northern Iraq. Your Ancient World book has been a great resource! Thanks for your diligent research and careful and natural prose.

  • Cindy

    Can’t wait to read it. I loved your ‘Ancient World’ book and recommend it to anyone who cares what I think – and even those who don’t. 🙂

  • Lynn in WI

    Party on!

    (And congratulations…those are well-deserved carbs.)

  • Di

    Excuse me if it takes me a second to get past the idea of chocolate ganache frosting to your marvelous achievement…..okay, now I can say, “YAHOO!” from California. I hope you had a fine time celebrating.

  • A Daring Adventure

    Susan! That is so wonderful!


    You work so very hard, and do such a very good job. You are well deserving of the delicious-sounding carbs. As can you afford them, Ms. You Look Like a Twenty Year Old Marathon Runner! 🙂

    So thrilled for you and your family and your crew!

    ~ K

  • Christina

    I meant to get back here last night and write this, but I promised my husband I would finally wash the dishes (by hand…oh, how I procrastinated…don’t recommend that-one day’s worth takes long enough. I’ll leave it at that) and was up very late taking on the dishes that turned into a monster. We have little in common in many ways (you are way smart and driven) BUT in the eating chocolate department we are kindred spirits. So, I will gladly join you in celebrating your latest achievement. Whenever you want to give us a reason to eat some more chocolate, feel free.

  • Mary Elizabeth Felkins

    Wondering if these publications (The History of the Ancient World and Medieval World) could be used for the high school “curriculum” for history since they’ve outgrown The Story of the World at that point.

  • Craig

    Congratulations on another book coming out – a huge amount of work and reason for celebration.

    Your post here (and the previous one on publication day) rang too true. When my first (and so far, only) book “released,” my wonderful wife – wanting to celebrate – insisted that we take our kids on a driving tour of local bookstores so we could “find it” in the “new” sections. Alas, book “releases” are not like movie releases in that not every bookstore is going to have the book on the day (nor any time soon, if you’re a first-time author as I was).

    Long story made short, after the fourth bookstore that we shuffled out of disappointed, my wife felt so bad about her idea. Thankfully, I had received author copies earlier so we knew it existed, but that day was quite an exercise in literary humility.

    Grateful for you,


  • Jennifer Schaefer

    Congratulations! I vote that you bring those cakes so we can help you celebrate in Atlanta tomorrow!

  • Henry


  • April V. in Vermont

    The new book is sitting on my coffee table as we speak. Peanut butter cookies are being eaten in your honor here in Vermont.

  • Heather Johnson

    We are so excited! My Ancient World arrived in my mailbox today and my oldest (12yo) has already swiped it! Before I reinvent the wheel, is there a list floating around out there that correlates chapters and topics from SOTW with the new History of series? Thank you for writing history books our family fights over. Off to steal it back and dig in :0)

  • Sahamamama

    As I requested, my public library ordered this book. I was first in line. 🙂 Today I have been enjoying the story of Constantine. I’ll have to renew this one a few times, though. Big book.

    Thank you for writing, Dr. Bauer. It’s hard work. I hope you are well-rewarded.

  • Ginger Myers

    I gave Medieval World to my 11-year-old history buff for his birthday, thinking that it might be one of those gifts that he thinks is lame right now, but later will still have when the others are long gone. He came out of his room this morning (3 days later) with a long story about kings in India at battle, and then said “This book is really cool, Mom. I’m going to take it today to show my teacher!” High praise! And we’re so getting Ancient World for our summer reading list. Thanks!

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