And with no warning, the first-pass galleys of the History of the Medieval World have arrived in a big box on my doorstep: the manuscript in the bottom of the box,


and the galleys on top.

Gearing up to read them over the next two weeks. Will report soon…

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  • Sarah

    I’ll help!

  • Yabusame

    You’re such a tease Susan, I’m getting excited about this book’s forthcoming release 😉

  • Julana

    When are you going to do something for children with special needs?

  • megan White

    That is so not fair! What a teaser! I have been dying to read the next one since I finished the Ancients!

  • Carolyn Hansen

    Oops, in my forgetful haste, I think I pre-ordered “Medieval World” twice… oh well, I’ll give one to my neice!

    BTW, I love the quality of paper that “Ancient World” is on – all smooth and buttery. Makes holding and reading a total pleasure.

  • My high school English teacher always suggested that a really good way to find mistakes in your essay was to read it *backwards.*

    I’m not sayin… I’m just sayin’….

    Kidding, of course. Happy reading!

  • MIke Denison

    Gulp. A daunting task, but we all know that you are–somehow–up to it. Just re-read your excellent “A Well-Educated Mind” and am trying to figure out how to sneak your advice into my fifteen year-old’s brain.

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