The Next Morning’s Addendum

#1 movie NOT to watch right before bed, if you’re the only adult with three children, late at night, in an old farmhouse surrounded by corn, and have to get up early to write the next [...]

(Not) doing it all

So now it’s Thursday. My husband and oldest son left Monday evening for Alaska, where they’re fishing for two weeks along with my father, brother, neighbor, and first cousin. (It’s a real [...]

It arrives

I missed the FedEx guy, who has eluded me once more, but Christopher tripped over the huge box on the porch and staggered upstairs with it. I unpacked it onto the kitchen table, and…well, [...]

An Ominous Addendum

I just got a note from my editor’s assistant at Norton… “Susan, a heads up that first pass (gigantic) will arrive with you tomorrow.” This will be my first look at the [...]

Back from New York, again

I had a great birthday last week (thanks to everyone who sent cards), and then took Christopher to New York for his fifteenth birthday trip; a business-free trip, apart from a friendly dinner [...]

What comes around, goes around

This last week, I finished editing a manuscript that Peace Hill Press will be publishing next spring. As you can see, I’ve put on my editorial hat and done to this MS what my editors have [...]