#1 movie NOT to watch right before bed, if you’re the only adult with three children, late at night, in an old farmhouse surrounded by corn, and have to get up early to write the next morning:


Yes, okay, common sense should have told me that.

Update on the first pass proofing coming soon…

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  • Kate

    Howling!! That is brilliantly done, Susan, brilliantly done!

    What’s that behind you…..

    :+) Kate

  • JFS in IL

    Tee hee hee!!!!! Wait, what is making the dog bark? The back door is creaking open….. where are all those glasses of water when I need them?! Aaargh!

  • Marsha


    I think you can safely rule out all of M. Night’s catalog for the next two weeks or so. Maybe “It Happened One Night” or “Bringing Up Baby” is more the order of the day(s)!

  • Faith

    Love the movie! I avoided it for a long time, but the humor mixed-in helped me brave it! We enjoy your blog and my son thinks it is “cool” to see his future history book in the writing stage. Thanks for your hard work!

  • The Tutor

    However, it is a GREAT movie… and you can never go wrong with a great movie.

    Next time, try Ushpizin!

  • meggan

    i love that movie…

  • Bunny

    Is that your house with the signs in the background???
    I am truly scared now!!
    We love your books!!!
    Thank you for all you do!!!!

  • Heidi Jo

    Oh that movie had me up all night and listen for the creaks. I love your SOTW books and we are just starting SOTW 3. Thanks a great book for us in the Bahamas. I have got a few others here using now. and we love your mom’s book FLL!! Tell her thanks from me and my kids who love language now. Please feel free to visit my blog to get a glimps of an island homeschool.

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