I just got a note from my editor’s assistant at Norton…

“Susan, a heads up that first pass (gigantic) will arrive with you tomorrow.”

This will be my first look at the typeset manuscript with maps and illustrations in place…and I’ll have to read it through and make final changes, probably within a week or so. Slightly inconvenient timing, as my husband and oldest son (and father and brother and first cousin) are all GOING TO ALASKA FOR TWO WEEKS AND LEAVING ME ALONG WITH THE LITTLE ONES.


I’ll snap a photo of the FedEx guy staggering up with the first pass, if I can catch him. He’s warier than the UPS driver and usually evades me.

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  • Diane

    Just make sure the paper eating dog is locked up — that could be a nasty way to start two weeks of solo parenting (-:

    Welcome home, and happy first pass (sounds like your’re a quarterback or something!)


  • meggan

    alaska? i live in alaska…

  • Bob Wise

    …and boy are we going to have fun!!! 🙂

    -Your Loving Brother

  • shanmar

    Yeah…I live in Alaska too… and I own a B&B in Alaska, and I don’t see your family’s name in my reservation book. Bummer! It’s not too late for them to change their plans.

  • Joyce Wardik

    I just happened across your blog. I am happy I did. You probably will not remember me, but I started homeschoolin about the same time your Mom started…in the 80’s. I lived not too far from you in Charles City.
    Anyway, I would like to investigate Classical homeschooling, as I am changing from CLASS which I’ve used for 20 years. My granddaughter, whom I’m now teaching just does not do well with traditional studies.
    My email is above, and if you find the time, I would be thankful if you would send me a few tips/resources.
    Many thanks,

  • Joyce Wardik

    Oh, by the way, you mentioned your birthday last week….what day?
    My birthday is August 9

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