Well, I have managed to stay up all day, after missing an entire night’s sleep on that awful trans-Atlantic flight. This is the best way to fight jet-lag–keep moving until the evening after the flight and then collapse into a stupor.

So I spent most of the morning climbing around Dover Castle and taking pictures of random things that struck me, like the passageway to Thomas a Beckett’s chapel,

and a window just off the gallery,

and Calais, off in the distance.

In the early afternoon I took the SeaFrance ferry over to Calais, which gave me a chance to look back at the Dover cliffs. They are SO white that they hardly look real.

Now I’m in a French hotel room, wondering whether it’s my sleep-deprived state that makes the notice on top of the toilet seem…odd.


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  • athena

    haha, french toilets. good luck!

  • mamafitz

    in mexico, the sewer system isn’t so great, so nothing except pee and poo go in the toilets. the toilet paper (yes, the used toilet paper) goes in a garbage can next to the toilet. maybe it’s something like that.

  • Heather

    Hmm… nothing, huh? I imagine you’ll be mighty uncomfortable then by the time you leave the room…

  • Lori

    LOL! When we went to Ethiopia to pick up our twins, I was so in culture shock and tired that I took random pictures of stuff like the trash can in the “good” bathroom at the orphanage (it was labeled ‘Fantasy’).
    Hope you’re rested up now!

  • Diane


    That window picture is gorgeous — frame it when you get home!!
    And the Dover cliffs are incredible. Keep up the great photo journalism, so we can do the vicarious travel thing.

    God’s speed,

  • athena

    the sign means for nothing to be “thrown” (jeter) into the toilet other than human waste and toilet paper. the english translation isn’t quite correct. but all the same it’s funny.

  • Gillenbran

    search search search…stumble stumble > and here I am. I often browse blogs, but rarely respond so I am a bit out of my element here. I am brazen enough to use a completely cheesey line (because I’ve always wanted to) in saying “Long time listener, first time caller” So classic, it’s almost naustalgic. I actually saw you speak at a homeschool convention in Utah and I am constantly browsing the web looking for some fool to sell me your books rediculously inexpensive. (does that make authors sad or happy?) Sorry…distracted…. I wanted to ask, and I’m sorry if it’s answered somewhere else (honest I looked for a good 2 minutes *short attention span) Q: How is your current four volume project related to your Story of the World from Peace Hill Press? Should I covet one over the other? In serving my family what would you diagnose? Your postings and comments seem so familiar and intimate, I almost feel imposing with this ‘off the street’ inquiry – but here I am, and there I go. With Sincerest Respect,

  • Meredith

    Hey, it’s Christmas in November! Yay! Susan, when oh WHEN exactly will you be at the OI doing your research???? I have a Syriac class there on Wednesday afternoons and think I should probably take you to lunch or something. Pretty please. At my college? Or somewhere with good food? :)))

    Stheriously, this is too good an opportunity to MISS. I can’t believe you are coming to Arksford (as the British hear us pronounce it). Please please please let me buy you lunch! Or coffee! or tea!

  • PariSarah

    Oh, I’m so very, very jealous. I miss bossy, near-incomprehensible notices like that. Waiters telling me what I did and did not want to eat. Grocers who fussed at me for buying their produce. Ah, France.

    Which chateaux in the Loire will you go to?

  • Anne in Saskatchewan

    Sing with me….. “There’ll be bluebirds over….” 😉 Can’t get it out of my head.

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