• "If you think a semicolon is a regular colon with an identity crisis, I will not hire you." http://t.co/rqulDK87 #
  • Dear Verizon: When you say "Submit repair requests online easily!" and then provide absolutely no path to such requests, my faith wavers. #
  • Dear Verizon: If I tell you that lightning has sizzled my DLS, please connect me to repair services, not tech support in another country. #
  • Dear Verizon: When I am into my 11th request-repair-phone-tree and my cell service fails AGAIN, I am not filled with confidence. #
  • Dear Verizon: Are you a REAL company? I have questions. #
  • Dear Verizon…oh, never mind. #
  • House internet fried. On phone to Verizon til midnight, "Unable to schedule repair at this time." But offered to connect me to sales. #
  • Dominion Power & Gannon Well Service on the job 7 AM to repair lines & water, Verizon still MIA. Like Good vs. Evil, Farm Utilities Version. #

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  • Teish

    Ah yes, our internet/phone provider is about like that. We have to go through Fairpoint because there is literally no other option where we live. It’s amazing how much we pay for it too! Hope it’s all been sorted!

  • MomsintheGarden

    Sounds like it is time to get rid of the big V, if at all possible. I hope you can find another provider.

  • Mara

    Your farm sounds delightful. I grew up out in the country on a farm in Illinois and detest my current state of husband-imposed subdivision living. We’re trying to move toward Wheaton and I’m lobbying hard for a place with a large lot in an incorporated area since an actual farm will never happen.

    The real reason for writing is to ask if you could advise me (and everyone else out there) on how you do school in the summer without destroying summer. When I saw you at the 10-yr anniversary conference for the WTM in VA, you mentioned you do school year round and this takes the pressure off of finishing everything in a 9-month plan. If that is still the case could you share some details on subjects and schedules? I feel very out of balance and don’t want to wear my kids out; we’ve been doing school in the mornings mostly and trying to do other things in the afternoon. My kids are 10 and 13 and we have done homeschooling now for four years, heading into our fifth year. Honestly, I wish I could just observe you and your kids for a week and really see how it’s done. Anything you could share would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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