This weekend I’m in Houston, speaking at the Texas Home School Coalition conference. Will try to post some pictures shortly.

As it turns out, the Woodlands conference center is currently hosting both the THSC conference (theme: “Educating For Eternity”) and the Kiss/Motley Crue Tour 2012.

I’m a little afraid that the resulting matter/antimatter explosion might obliterate the universe.

(Concert was last night. That’s the flowerbed outside the hotel, this morning…)

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  • Therry

    You made me laugh reading this! 😀

  • Christine Guest

    Maybe you’ll meet Dr Who when the boom comes.

  • Christian

    “I! Wanna Rock and Roll All Niiight! And Study Every Day!” Might there be a happy marriage here? I have been following your blog for about a year and enjoying “The Well Educated MInd”. I am fairly mortified that this is what I am choosing for my first comment on your site. Hope the conference is going well.

  • Ben

    Given the two bands, you can’t even be certain of the gender of whoever left the shoes behind….

  • Di

    Back in the “Follow the denim jumpers to the homeschool conference” days I was in a hotel with a homeschool conference and a bunch of teens dressed up for an anime film festival event. I would have paid big bucks to have a web cam in the elevator.


  • Christina

    The post is great…the comments are too. 🙂 Really made me laugh out loud.

  • Thirza

    I really enjoyed your sessions at the THSC convention this weekend. I was encouraged and inspired – thank you.

  • Marquett Hammack

    Yes, it was an interesting mix of people roaming about the area! On the other hand, it was very nice meeting you. Thank you so much for coming (and the autograph)! My brain has been exploding with ways the information applies to all areas of my life. That is a very good thing for a woman who tires of fixing life’s problems with a baby wipe. 🙂

  • I was thoroughly entertained by the different groups. A few years ago, I almost choked laughing because a similar concert coincided during the conference and the clash of black leather, biker tats, and beer bottles with denim jumpers, lines of kids, and classic books was hilarious to watch. A friend and I sat at the bottom of the escalator and enjoyed the scene.

    I, too, was blessed, challenged, and motivated by your sessions. Thank you for coming.

  • Heather

    And Pitbull was there Friday night…it was quite a culture shift in the shared parking lot, ha! Thanks for speaking at the conference, Susan, I enjoyed it very much.

  • Kathie

    It was quite amusing, wasn’t it? We didn’t realize the whole Motley Crew/Kiss concert until we began walking to our car at the end of the day. We casually made a comment that there must be a concert at the Pavilion then we started to see people in their KISS make-up. You have to have a sense of humor with that one. Thanks again for coming to Texas. It was great hearing you in person!

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