• Only an idiot would try to write a global narrative of world history (**tears out hair in handfuls**). #
  • Me to DD10, this morning: "So how are you doing today?" DD10: "I'm great! I just had two English muffins and deja vu." #
  • Bought DD10 "Dragonology: The Game" because it was her dearest wish. I believe I have visibly aged since we started playing it. An eon ago. #
  • Sitting at RIC waiting on a plane to Houston, and from thence to California for CHN: http://t.co/5NMJrCb Nice and cool in here. #
  • Home education in SoCal: different world than home ed in VA. Tipoff: Ayn Rand booth in vendor hall. Also the home school dad in the kilt. #

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  • Stephanie

    What? A homeschooling dad in a kilt and you didn’t get pictures?

  • Lindy

    I, for one, am grateful you went the “idiot” route with world history! I love it! The work you are stressing over blessed people in ways you will probably never see. Thank you!

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