• Baby chicks arrived at the post office this morning at 7:45. They're now unloaded from their cardboard box and in the brooder. #
  • I have a whole lot of email to catch up on. Sounds like my laptop, the Star Trek reboot, and a glass of Ghost Pines cabernet is in order. #
  • This morning's agenda: toast, coffee, and the Borgias. #
  • Admirable support of a necessary reform. But where's their willingness to pay higher tuition to fund it? http://bit.ly/eajVeC #

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  • Nina

    I heard you were coming to speak at a homeschool convention in California. I would love to see you speak!!! Your calendar on your website doesn’t cover July and August. Can you confirm you will be at a convention in California?? do you know if you will be at just that convention in California?

  • Susan

    Nina, I’ll be there. The link is here (but they don’t have the schedule up yet–I’ll be speaking Friday and Saturday): http://chnfamilyexpo.com/

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