• "Steak butter": two words that should always go together. #
  • I just got carded. :-0 #
  • Looks like I just barely beat the tornadoes, torrents, and thunderstorms home. #
  • DD 10 just outbowled me. Not that it's SUCH a hard thing to do. But still. #
  • Signs of spring; there are yellow buds on forsythia outside my office/chicken-shed, and I'm not typing in fingerless gloves. #
  • Ever have one of those days that lasts, oh, 72 hours or so? #
  • I write wonderfully well on rainy days. #
  • Making Thomas Keller's recipe for melted onions from Ad Hoc at Home. #
  • Got up this morning and told the kids, "Today we're just going to have a relaxing fun day." Turns out this is like asking God for patience. #
  • Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming and swimming and swimming and… #

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  • Ellen

    Hang on for spring. The forsythia is in bloom here, along with daffodils and several flowering trees. And I must say, melted onions sound divine.

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