• Orchestra concert this afternoon, which means we are performing the ritual Panicked Last-Minute Hunt for the Missing Bow Tie. #
  • Why would I watch the Oscars when Maryland is playing UNC? #
  • Question #2 Why does Facebook keep popping up sidebar ads for online matchmaking services next to my profile?. #
  • Sorry, Facebook, I don't want to Give Single Dads a Chance or Meet a Faithful Christian Man. #
  • Editing. Makes me cranky. #
  • Conference season begins for me today: off to Memphis this afternoon. #
  • From the concierge floor of the Memphis Marriott, I can see the river and the trolley line. And a lot of really thick grey clouds. #
  • Getting dusky in Memphis; going over notes for 7 PM lecture, wishing for barbecue. Maybe afterwards. #midsouthhs #
  • I'll be speaking at 8:30 AM in Ballroom A…bring your coffee and come. #midsouthhs #
  • I talked so much today that I wanted me to shut up. #MidSouthHS #

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  • Jennifer King

    I know that ritual well. At our house, it’s the Panicked Last-Minute Hunt for the Missing Irish Dancing ______(fill in the blank). Last weekend, it was the Missing Headband.

  • Sarah

    My husband (orchestral bass player) keeps his bow tie inside his tux pocket and a spare inside the bass case. (If that helps.) As for me, I just get to throw on any old all black outfit.

  • Ellen

    Hope you got your barbecue. That’s a highlight of Memphis.

  • Sharla Jones

    I’m so disappointed I missed your talks in Memphis. I live in Boston, so I’m never close enough to the conferences you do. But I’m in Arkansas for eight months, and I hadn’t a clue you’d be in Memphis till the last minute. So I will continue kicking myself for missing yet another chance to meet you and freak you out by how much I just LOVE YOU SO MUCH! 🙂

  • Allan McInnis

    I read The History of the Ancient World – twice. I just finished reading The History of the Medieval World and I’m about to start again.

    But I’m a little concerend in that I can’t find a projected publish date for the third installment.


  • Susan

    Allan, I don’t have a firm pub date yet either, but I’m hard at work on the manuscript and it’s due this calendar year, so I would guess sometime in late 2012.

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