• Come to Williamsburg library on Scotland Street tomorrow and fill your library card. Combination protest and sad, sad goodbye to a friend. #
  • Back from library protest. Much sympathy from many patrons…while library director pretended we weren't there. #
  • I am eating post-protest brownies. I'm tired and discouraged and cold and my feet hurt, and I need sugar and chocolate and lots of it. #
  • And so back to work. #
  • And the new word of the day is…AMBISINISTER. (Think about the opposite and you'll get it.) #
  • My email is tribblish. #
  • Currently watching Maryland play the Evil Empire (not my phrase). #
  • Apparently the Evil Empire's evilness has now been thoroughly demonstrated. #
  • Heading to the library. That's the YORKTOWN library. Sorry, Williamsburg, won't be shopping and eating there today. #
  • It's gonna be grey, and it's gonna be cold, and it's going to last you THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. #
  • Eating home-grown home-canned peaches. Like little chunks of sun floating in nectar. You need floating edible sunshine on a day like this. #
  • Making sea-salt brownies for the Superbowl. #

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