• Coffee, fireplace, and a warm computer to snuggle up to. #
  • I seem to be spending the day with Erasmus. #
  • Searching for a metaphor for Henry VIII. "Sick elephant" not quite getting me there. #
  • Something tells me that this firewood has not been dried properly. Maybe it's the vicious hissing sound and clouds of black smoke. #
  • There are crumbs on my keyboard. #
  • Hey, I learned what a ditransitive verb is today! #
  • Maryland grad husband and UVA student son are on their way to the Terps-Cavaliers basketball game. Who do I root for??? #
  • Immense sense of relief clues me in: I was cheering for the Terps. Plus, anytime you can yell, "GO, PE'SHON," it can only be good. #
  • So after a long day of writing, I'm watching Just Desserts on Bravo. And yes, the judge just said, "Your cupcake has a nice herbaceousness." #
  • Dear Laptop: We've spent a wonderful week together, and you mean a lot to me. But I think we should see other people. #
  • Just called home to ask DS14 a question about a science concept I didn't quite follow. He explained. I love that. #
  • Eating shrimp and grits at the Hominy Grill. #

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  • Alan Wilson

    Welcome to Charleston, though it sounds like you’ll be heading out soon. You picked the right place for Shrimp and Grits – only place better is at our table – my wife’s is the best.
    Alan Wilson – Veritas Classical Schools, South Carolina

  • Ellen

    So what’s a ditransitive bverb, anyway? I could go for an herbaceous cupcake (wonder what was in it??) myself.

  • Ashley McG

    Is “herbaceousness” a desirable quality in a cupcake?

    I would probably hope for that more in a salad.

  • Bruce Barrett

    I am looking forward to the third volume coming out. Is there a prediction as to when the book will be available?

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